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Cooking made possible while living with low vision

Posted on: March 1st, 2020 by lowvision

For many people living with low vision, dining out often is not financially possible. It’s also difficult at times to travel to a restaurant and read a menu without struggling or asking for assistance. For others, cooking inside the home and feeding themselves and family members is comforting, fulfilling, and tradition. But cooking at home while living with low vision can be difficult. There are measurements to be made, hot surfaces to contend with, and sharp knives that must be used. Never fear, these helpful tips from The Washington Post can make cooking at home while living with low vision not just possible, but enjoyable too.

  • Organization is essential. Be sure to have everything it its place. Counter tops should be clear of clutter and each cooking bowl, tool, and ingredient should have its place.
  • Contrast is key. Having a few sets of measuring cups or working bowls will prove to be very helpful. Measure milk in a brightly colored cup, for instance,  to accentuate the difference in color. Cut meat or vegetables on a white cutting board to make them easier to see.
  • Tools are necessary. Special oven mitts, pot holders, and other items can make reaching for a hot pot or pan less dangerous and burns less frequent.
  • Communication is needed. Talking timers and thermometers are available making both setting a gauge and measuring time and temperature both simple and accurate.
  • Trinkets are helpful. Egg slicers, apple corers and cutters, and other specialized tools make tasks easier and keep fingers free from injury.

Beyond these tips, there are online retailers such as Low Vision Chef and LS&S Products who cater to low vision cooks. Their products offer the elements mentioned above, and also feature raised bumps or even Braille to help make whipping up a masterpiece in the kitchen even easier.

To read the article from The Washington Post, click here.