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January is Glaucoma Awareness Month

Posted on: January 4th, 2020 by lowvision

As you plan for a healthier year ahead, why not add this sight-saving exercise to your list of resolutions: Get a comprehensive dilated eye exam. It’s the only way to find out for sure whether you have glaucoma, one of the leading causes of blindness in America.

Glaucoma is often referred to as the “sneaky thief of sight” because it has no symptoms in its early stages. If detected early, before noticeable vision loss occurs, glaucoma can usually be controlled and severe vision loss can often be prevented. Vision that is lost from glaucoma cannot be restored. This is one of the many reasons that having an annual eye exam is so important.

Anyone can get glaucoma, but those at higher risk include:

  • African Americans over age 40
  • Everyone over age 60, especially Hispanics/Latinos
  • People with a family history of the disease

Start the new year off right by learning more about the health of your eyes, how to keep your vision healthy, and how to manage your vision as you age. To find a low vision professional, click here.