Devices for Intermediate Tasks

Intermediate tasks include those activities with the need for visual acuity to perform tasks at arm’s length, usually at a viewing distance of 20-40 inches. These include common tasks such as

  • Computer work
  • Cards or board games
  • Crafts
  • Playing music

Low vision devices that will aid a person with low vision in performing tasks such as these include:

Visual aidsHead-worn Magnifiers: Head-worn, or hands-free magnifying devices allow wearers to see magnified images through a pair eyeglasses, visor or other lens type. These aids are intended for near viewing activities that may require both hands to be free such as sewing, crafts or small household repairs.
Hands-free magnifiers are available in any number of comfortable fitting options, including items worn around the head, neck or clipped on to glasses. While this group of aids is portable, they are not necessarily convenient for use on the go.

Eyeglass devicesTelescopic solutions:Telescopes can be hand-held or mounted into a pair of eyeglasses and designed for monocular or binocular use, meaning they can be used over one eye or both eyes. They are best used when stationary such as when working on crafts, at the computer or while reading.