Devices for Distance Tasks

Distance tasks include those activities with the need for visual acuity to using far sight: tasks usually beyond 6 feet. These include common tasks such as

  • Watching TV
  • Sporting events
  • Cinema
  • Spotting street signs
  • Driving

Low vision devices that will aid a person with low vision in performing tasks such as these include:

Eyewear deviceTelescopic solutions:  Telescopes can be hand-held or mounted into a pair of eyeglasses and designed as for monocular or binocular use, meaning they can be used over one eye or both eyes. They are best used when stationary such as when watching television or at the theater.  A bioptic telescope is one that is mounted in the top portion of a pair of glasses and in some states, these are permitted to help people spot distant road signs, etc. when driving, among other tasks

Low Vision SunglassesLow Vision Sunglasses: Many people with low vision have reduced contrast sensitivity which is the ability to separate an object from its background. This can make it difficult to see the edges of steps, curbs, etc.  The use of tinted lenses, either worn alone or over prescription eyewear, makes it easier to see and clears up that “foggy vision” that almost always occurs with those with low vision.  Typical tint colors include yellow, amber, gray, and plum. Some tints are also polarized which improve contrast vision and make it easier to see steps and curbs because yellow and orange increase contrast vision.  In other cases, some people with specific types of color vision problems may benefit from wearing a green or blue lens.